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  • What is The Difference Between Hashing and Encrypting
    A hash is a string or number generated from a string of text The resulting string or number is a fixed length, and will vary widely with small variations in input The best hashing algorithms are designed so that it's impossible to turn a hash back into its original string
  • hash - Is SHA-256 safe and difficult to crack . . .
    SHA-256 is a relatively poor way to store passwords but it is considered to be pretty much impossible to "crack" That is, retrieve the original plaintext from the hash The reason it is poor to use for passwords, especially without a salt, is due to the fact that it is inexpensive to compute, thus more vulnerable to brute force and rainbow
  • CrackStation - Online Password Hash Cracking - MD5, SHA1 . . .
    CrackStation uses massive pre-computed lookup tables to crack password hashes These tables store a mapping between the hash of a password, and the correct password for that hash The hash values are indexed so that it is possible to quickly search the database for a given hash
  • Best MD5 Password Decrypter - Hash Toolkit . . .
    Hash Toolkit Hash Decrypter enables you to decrypt reverse a hash in various formats into their original text Hashes are often used to store passwords securely in a database With hash toolkit you could find the original password for a hash Supported hashes for decryption: Usually it's not possible to decrypt a hash, but with hash toolkit you can!
  • Hashes. org - Home
    Hashes org is not a hacking site and assumes all submitted hashes are for testing purposes only and are obtained in a legal way Hashes org is also happy to help computer users recover their own forgotten passwords, however this does not extend to recovery of passwords belonging to a third party

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