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  • How To: Hash Data Using MD5 and SHA1 - CodeProject
    My encryption methods take a string and hash it using MD5 or SHA1 and then return it encrypted There are two types of encryption: One way Encryption; Take the input data and encrypt it, and there is no way to decrypt it again to get the source data A good sample for one way encryption is MD5
  • MD5 and SHA-1 Hashing (for String and Files) - CodeProject
    In order to use the MD5 or SHA-1 Class that NET provides, u must realize that it accepts and returns byte arrays only public byte [] ComputeHash ( byte [] buffer , System Int32 offset , System
  • IEqualityComparer lt;FileInfo gt; using MD5 Hash - CodeProject
    CodeProject Stuff; community lounge Who's Who; - And at the end we resort to comparing the MD5 hash of both files Please keep in mind that MD5 hashing is an expensive operation, which is not suitable for comparing a lot of files or large files How To: Hash Data Using MD5 and SHA1 Azure Search - a quick overview Comments and
  • Hashing algorithm md5 - CodeProject
    For what reason does he need two hashes If this is a requirement, there has to be a reason for it And NO, you can't just fetch the MD5 for a file, it has to calculated If the file is not modified, the MD5 hash will remain the same After a modification is done on the files content the MD5 hash will change
  • Using SHA1 and MD5 in ASP. NET - CodeProject
    Recently I had a new project to make a payment online which involved a secure hash algorithm In the past I used the System Security Cryptography library for encrypting or decrypting a hash string, not worrying how the SHA1 or MD5 algorithms worked But now in my project I have to call a SHA1 or MD5
  • Use Md5 SHA1 to hash passwords in JAVA - CodeProject
    Consider that both MD5 and SHA1 are both considered "broken" and should not be used for any security purpose what-so-ever Using them to "secure" a password is considered bad practice and a security risk
  • Generate MD5 and SHA1 hash for file
    HashAlgorithm TransformBlock Method computes the hash value for the specified region of the input byte array and copies the resulting hash value to the specified region of the output byte array Y ou want to implement how to generate MD5 and SHA1 hash for file Above examples will be helpful for this aspect
  • c# - How to hash a password - Stack Overflow
    @Daniel basically the post is about using something more secure than a hash alone If you simply hash a password, even with salt, your users passwords are going to be compromised (and likely sold published) before you even have a chance to tell them to change it

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